Saratoga Soccer Club - Fall 2017 Review!

As we move into the New Year it seems like a great time to step back and reflect on the season which has come and gone so quickly this Fall!

We've seen our company and club grow beyond our expectations this Fall and can't wait to move into 2018 with a strong work ethic and positive attitude as we look to continue to grow and improve in all we do - both on and off the field. While we had our challenges this season for sure, they were simply learning experiences which made the success and growth we had even sweeter!

As a club our highlights were:

  • Placing our first team into the State Premier level of play where our 01G Spurs fought hard to compete in every game and finished in mid-table! The girls are away for high school soccer and will come back from the experience in even better condition ready to challenge for the title in the Spring!
  • Producing our first ever State Cup winning team in our 07G Spurs Blue who came from behind twice in regulation to beat a very talented Chico team on penalties (the video of which can be found on our home page and in our gallery!) The team also added the MVLA Bay Area Fall Cup to their trophy collection and now sit ranked 21st in the State and 74th in the nation!
  • The expansion from one team per age group to 2 in multiple age divisions! While doing this we fought to ensure that the level of overall play and training remained high and the kids and coaches rose to the challenge! We are also very proud that we managed to maintain and develop our community spirit within the club, we maximized guesting, encouraged player mentorships between ages and had lots of experiences together where our youngest teams got the chance check out our top teams in their games!

Moving into 2018 we're excited with the direction we're taking, we expect a big expansion in the number of teams we have. Our enhanced partnership with region 64 should help us provide every single player with more opportunities and challenges as time passes. 

The formation of the program with Rob Trujillo as Strikers (boys) technical director and Andrew McRobbie as Spurs (girls) technical director will allow them both to be more focused and specific while also in constant collaboration on whats best for the overall club! The addition of our new coaches included, the company and the club have never been in better shape!

To everyone who was a part of our success this year we wish you a Happy New Year! We can' wait to work with you all again in 2018!

Welcome to Coaches Corner!

Here our coaches will post the occasional blog on their experiences within our company and the programs we run!

They'll talk about the experiences they have both on and off the field, not only covering the highlights but also bringing in the challenges which come with being a Youth Soccer Coach!

We'll also look to get a parents opinion on our services and share them as they come in!

As always we really appreciate you taking the time to read these and welcome any & all feedback in the comments section!